The Carrollton project included a new above ground truck receiving pit that feeds a series of 15,000 BPH receiving pit conveyors and then into the receiving leg installed inside a support tower. The receiving leg has the ability to fill the new 48’ x 108,000-bushel wet storage bin or go direct to a new 163' x 448' flat storage hoop building with a capacity of 1,000,000 bushels. The flat storage building is filled using a 15,000 BPH tripper belt conveyor system. Reclaim from the wet storage bin is accomplished using the zero-entry bin sweep and reclaim drag conveyor which feeds the receiving leg and also serves as the wet leg. The wet leg feeds the tower dryer that was relocated and reconditioned from another site. Reclaim from the dryer is achieved using a drag conveyor feeding a new dry leg which is used to fill the new flat storage building fill system.